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Thursday, July 24, 2008
Moving from blogdrive to blogspot

I'm officially moving my blogsite from blogdrive to blogspot. Below is my blog page in blogspot:

Please make the necessary adjustments in your blogsite. Below are few of the reasons why I moved to blogspot.

1) Blogspot has more features such as better archiving, comment centralization, among others. (These features are probably available if you upgrade your account in blogdrive, but it comes with a fee).
2) You can monetize your blog through Google adsense.
3) Managing in blogspot is easier and rich in contents.

Gradually, I will be putting more improvements to my blogsite. Keep blogging my friends. It is better to blog than to be mentally ill hehehe

Posted at 03:45 pm by alexflores
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008
RP bags math championship; 7 students earn perfect scores

We are such talented people. We don't deserve to be poor. With our talents and natural resources, we can be great people worthy of respect from the international community.

First Posted 11:32:00 07/16/2008

MANILA, Philippines -- Seven Filipino students have earned perfect math scores and made the country one of seven overall champions in an international competition, an official from the Philippine team said in a statement to media.

They are Hazel Abigail Lim of Hope Christian High School (Philippine Team A), Keefe Collin Tan of St. Jude Catholic School, Neil Benjamin DT. Kho of San Beda College-Alabang and Michael Brodeth of Colegio San Agustin-Makati (all of Philippine Team B); and Audrey Celine Lao of St. Jude Catholic School, Kenneth Co and Brendon Matthew Go of Xavier School (Philippine Team D), according to Dr. Simon Chua, president of the Mathematics Trainers’ Guild-Philippines (MTG).

Chua, who accompanied the MTG-trained Philippine teams to the Po Leung Kuk 12th Primary Math World Contest in Hong Kong, said this year’s performance of the students was spectacular.

“These students have trained and worked hard to prepare for this contest. Their performance this year is very impressive,” Chua said in a statement to media.

The math contest, held in Hong Kong from July 11-15, was participated in by 44 teams from the United States, Bulgaria, South Africa, Thailand, Taiwan, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Mainland China, Macau and Mexico, the statement said.

The latest feat comes just three days after 14-year-old Sarah Jane Cua, another MTG-trained student, emerged as champion in the Brand’s Sudoku Challenge 2008 Asia Pacific Open held in Singapore over the weekend, Chua said.

The impressive performance of the four participating teams from the Philippines paved way for the country’s emergence as one of the seven overall champions both in the individual and team competitions for the first time, Chua said.

In addition, Philippine Team B and Philippine Team D have been adjudged as first placers together with five other teams from Taiwan, Beijing-China, San Marcos-USA, Indonesia and Hong Kong, Chua said.

The other members of the Philippine teams that contributed to the excellent performance in the Hong Kong contest are Mikaela Angelina Uy and Seanne Daphne Ng of St. Jude Catholic School, Justin Edric Yturzaeta of Jubilee Christian Academy, Samuel Christian Ong of UNO High School, Henry Jefferson Morco of Chiang Kai Shek College, Isaiah Paolo Lee of Mother Goose School, Joelle Sophia Peña of St. Pedro Poveda College, Deany Hendrick Cheng of Grace Christian High School and Julius Vincent Sy of St. Stephen’s High School.

The Philippine delegation was headed by Chua together with Carlo Bryan Nerecena, Robert Degolacion and Anthony Ang as team leaders and Queenie Sarabia, Consesa Rapacon, Sheilla Lynn Diamse and Mark Ivan Robla as deputy team leaders.

“The amazing accomplishment of our students only reflects the passion of the MTG to uplift Philippine math education in the country,” Chua said.

The Philippine team is scheduled to arrive at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport this Wednesday at 8 p.m. via Philippine Airlines flight PR 508 from Hong Kong.

Posted at 02:06 pm by alexflores
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Friday, June 27, 2008
My MBA Class: Day 1

Today is the first day of my MBA class, Management Dynamics. I'm officially back to school. The professor is already a master of her own turf. The professor started by first introducing herself, then followed by each one of us introducing himself/herself. Majority of my classmates are already managers in their respective corporate world; some are even managers of their very own firms. Some are foreigners -- Korean, Chinese, Indian. You see, taking MBA will not just enhance your managerial and entrepreneurial skills but will also help you expand your network. With different backgrounds from various industries, I'm banking to learn from their experiences, too. Diversity in the class will matter.

The professor then split the class into six groups (each group is composed of 3-4 persons). A task was given to each newly formed group. The task was based on the reading done prior to the first day of class. Enough time was provided to do brainstorming. A group presentation came next. After each and every group presentation, further discussions and realizations dominated the scene. It was indeed a lively and very exciting discussion with almost everyone participating. It was only Day 1, and yet I felt that I learned a lot already. I'm looking forward for another meaningful sessions in the coming weeks.

A fast-paced MBA program like this requires lots of reading, presenting, and interacting. Indeed, a great way to learn and further develop myself personally and professionally.

Posted at 02:08 am by alexflores
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Saturday, June 14, 2008
Learning the Spanish Language

I bought a book entitled "Easy Way to Learn Spanish" to get a hang of it myself. The book does not only contain some basic Spanish phrases like buenos dias (good morning), buenas tardes (good afternoon), estoy muy bien (I'm fine), among others but is also a dictionary itself. Slowly but surely, I'm very sure that I will learn the language. I don't have timeframe to learn the language fully, but at least I'm starting now. Daily will I pick up some Spanish phrases, memorize them, and write them down to a Manila paper posted on the wall around my computer area at home. In this way, I will have a glimpse of what I memorized the previous day.

More than 300 years ago, Spanish was our second language until 1898 when the Americans formally ceded our country from Spain under the famous Treaty of Paris. It will be very apt to learn Spanish than any other language. Besides our accent is already attuned with it. There's even no need to exercise tongue-twisting Spanish phrases. While we are already capable of speaking and writing in English, let us still not forget that once in our history Spanish was widely used. In fact, Jose Rizal used Spanish in his literary pieces.

So now could you please excuse me because I will have to proceed learning the language. Adios. Hasta luego!

Posted at 04:58 pm by alexflores
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Monday, June 09, 2008
The Heartless Bayani Fernando

While I admire your guts, Bayani, to beautify Metro Manila by implementing strict control over sidewalks, undisciplined bus drivers, among others, still there's one part in you which is missing -- heart. You don't have a heart especially for the poor people like sidewalk vendors. Just awhile ago I saw in television how your men mercilessly confiscated the items being sold by the vendors around a certain public school along Commonwealth Avenue.  Of course, I don't blame your men for they just follow your instructions. What I just can't understand is how you don't care for these vendors. They are jobless and they need to survive amid the rising commodity prices brought about by the series of oil price hikes in the world market. Besides, today is holiday and there's not much motorists travelling along Commonwealth Avenue. Don't you know that a 150-peso income earned from sidewalk vending is more decent than what a corrupt politician earns? A 150-peso income per day no matter how low by economic standard is still a hard-earned money and can at least bring food to the table and feed a number of people. If you take that away from them, you are doing a great disservice to the nation. You are worst than the robbers.

In Thailand, sidewalk vending is being regulated but not totally eradicated. Most of the Thais are also poor just like us Filipinos, but their leaders have hearts. Their leaders allow sidewalk vending in a way that the vendors will neither block the sidewalk nor spillover on the national road. The jobless Thais especially the uneducated can survive in this world by selling on sidewalks. In a way, crime is lessened because everyone can earn a decent income. Why can't you just do the same thing? Giving the sidewalk vendors a sort of leniency while making sure that they are not blocking the road is a win-win solution.

We are not Singapore or Japan where there are no sidewalk vendors. We are totally different from them. They are rich, and we are poor. We cannot pretend to be rich by shooing away all the sidewalk vendors depriving them of a living and then look beautiful superficially. Yes, sidewalks are for the people, but the sidewalk vendors are also humans who deserve decent lives. Sidewalks are affordable locations for the poor instead of renting a space in a mall with very ridiculous rental fee per square meter.

Posted at 08:20 pm by alexflores
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Thursday, June 05, 2008
Tatakbo ako sa 2010 ...

Iboto niyo ako sa 2010. Tatakbo akong Presidente. Ito ang mga programa ko pag nanalo ako:

1. Pararamihin ko ang mga babae sa Pilipinas
--> Upang ang mga OFW na mga lalaki eh bumalik at mabawasan ang mag-aabroad. Sa dami ng babae dito sa Pilipinas, hindi na sila mag-iisip mag-abroad pa

2. Patatabain ko ang mga baboy
--> In case na magkaroon ng krisis sa pagkain, meron tayong matatakbuhang ulam

3. Pabibigatin ko ang mga baril
--> Upang ang mga kriminal eh madiscourage na magdala ng baril at pag nagkagayo'y tatahimik ang ating bansa.

4. Lalagyan ko ng batterya ang piso
--> Upang ang piso ay laging malakas kontra dolyar

* Ilan lamang ito sa aking mga programa pag nanalo ako. Iyan ay kung masisiraan ako ng bait sa 2010. hehehe

Posted at 11:32 pm by alexflores
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Passing the MBA Admission Exam in Ateneo GSB

This is the first step towards my MBA (Master in Business Administration) dream. I have been planning to take this course since 2006; unfortunately it never gets materialized until recently. I took the cudgel to browse the Internet for MBA program, asked my colleague about it, and there I was picking up the phone, inquiring about the MBA program in Ateneo Graduate School of Business (GSB), and scheduling myself up for the exam. The admission exam was held on May 24, 2008 in Ateneo GSB, and I only learned the result yesterday. I'm happy to tell you that I passed. Yahoo!!! Prior to taking the exam, I submitted the copy of my transcript of records, ID photos, and paid the registrar in Ateneo GSB, Rockwell, Makati. One of the requirements of entering Ateneo GSB is that your undergrad course's GWA must be at least 85% or 2.00.

The next step is to submit other requirements prior to the enrollment period in mid-June. Class starts a week after the enrollment. Now, the thing is, MBA is costly especially that it is Ateneo GSB, the brand so desired. My challenge now is to raise money for every term (2 months). I've limited financial resources but with strong determination, I will be able to hurdle the challenge. I know there are avenues where I can make money to support my MBA studies.I strongly believe I can. It's a matter of the power of postive thinking and possessing the can-do attitude.

You might be telling me why in Ateneo GSB given the fact that acquiring MBA is expensive? Spending money for one of the top business schools in the Philippines is all worth it. If you can raise the money for it no matter how hard it is, then go for it.

Let's see in the coming months how will I be able to hurdle all the rigors of taking the MBA course. Abangan ang mga kabanata.

Posted at 08:17 pm by alexflores
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Sunday, May 25, 2008
Back in Thailand

I'm now back again in Thailand for a training. My last visit here was 5 years ago. Many things have changed in Thailand. For one, it has now a bigger and better airport (can't compare its airport of course with ours). The immigration counter has now a camera to take a picture of you.

The airport resembles a very modern airport. Thailand is also becoming an aviation hub in ASEAN region next to Singapore and Malaysia. When will be our time to be an aviation hub? Dream on my friend. :-)

At the moment, travel from the airport to the city center is via tollway. In less than few minutes (sorry I was not able to calculate the distance, but presumably it's like coming from Clark to Manila), you're already in the city center.

Not to lag behind Singapore and Malaysia, Thailand is building an elevated railway from the new airport to the city. Pretty soon, it will be finished, probably in a year or two, and mind you, it's longer than our present MRT and LRT's.

These are just the two changes I have observed since my last visit, not to mention several high-rise buildings sprouting around Bangkok like mushrooms.

One thing is so sure: our country is lagging behind. Another reason to sulk...Tsk, tsk...

Posted at 07:56 pm by alexflores
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Monday, May 12, 2008
Diving in Bora

A First-Ever Boracay Trip (May 2-5, 2008)

We stayed in Sanderswhite (Boracay's Station 2), but in one of our itineraries, we went to Asya Resort's private beach located somewhere. Our group numbering twenty-four rented a multicab which brought us to the place.

Diving in Bora was the most memorable to me.

That place was so serene. We paid for the beach's amenities. We did kayaking to the max, swam to the max, everything was to the max. It was only orgasm which was not to the max hehehe... Anyway, what I liked most in our sorties in Bora was the diving thing. Yes, people, your lolo did a dive. It was one of my best dives in my whole life (after all, I only did diving in my bed in my entire life)

Most of us of course are SMS alumni. Please read the links below for more of our Boracay activities as per the accounts of fellow alumni bloggers (They already described how it was to be in Bora. Perfect narrations)

More pictures on the following link:

Indeed, the memories are priceless. Don't be a foreigner in your own land. Tour around the Philippines and you'll surely love your country no matter how it is besiged with problems, be it man-made or natural.

Posted at 06:02 pm by alexflores
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Thursday, April 24, 2008
Nang maging stuntman si lolo

Kanina galing ako sa PLDT Pasay site (meron kaming ongoing trial for PLDT's Next Generation Network), at dumaan ako through F.B. Harrison (tama ba iyung street na yun?) then kumanan sa Buendia. Pag kanan ko sa Buendia, akalain mo na may isang jeep na hinahabol ng matanda na uugod ugod at langya sa gigil yata niya sa jeep dahil sa hindi tumitigil ang jeep, hayun tinakbo ni lolo at tinalon yung jeep. Tama namang nasa likuran lang ako at laking kaba ko na akala ko mababagok yung ulo ni lolo, pero gulat ako at ang higpit ng kapit ni lolo sa estribo hehehe. Grabe ang tibay ng buto! Nakita ko yung muscle ni lolo, tumubo sa buto hehehe...Iyan ang lolo! Only in the Philippines...

Posted at 11:58 pm by alexflores
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